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The Broad Cloth Trilogy returns with yet another ridiculous edition featuring

Terianne Falcone, Gaby Ford, Alexia Murray, Parysa Pourmoneshi & Dyanne White.

"... hits the right spot " Buhr, Wanted in Rome , 4/07

...a rich and entertaining tapestry" -Thiru, The Roman Forum, 1/4/07

FringeNYC and The English Theatre of Rome present

"A Short Trip"

a short trip

by Jason Atkinson
directed by Christopher Stafford

Asta Hansen*, Richard Cottrell*,
Lucy Cottrell, Josh Gulotta
*member AEA

The play moves back and forth in time, examining the couple as they change and evolve. It also attempts to remind us of the sanctity of life, its own short trip. "A Short Trip" is a comedy/drama, developed and written in Italy. After the world premiere at FringeNYC, it aims to return to
The English Theatre in Rome.

Rosemary wants to go to Italy. Harry insists that she remain at home. Rosemary decides to go anyway.
For the couple, both in their late seventies, the trip becomes a metaphor:  what will happen after the final goodbye?
How will the one left behind manage?
The play moves back and forth in time as we examine the couple's life together.  Ultimately, the work attempts to remind us of the precious nature of life, itself a short trip.

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