The English Theatre of Rome presents our annual original
monologue evening which introduces new artists to the stage.

The End is Nigh

The End Is Nigh

Directed by: Molly Zimmelman

Featuring: Kathy Ball-Toncic, Bart Bolander, Anna Butterworth,
Benjamin Stender, David Traylor, Stephanie Tyrell
and Giovanna Maya Vassallo

The World Premier of "The End is Nigh" showcases a dynamic ensemble
cast of writers and actors each performing their own original monologue
on the theme of "endings".
Whether you believe the end to be nigh, distant, or never, this production
will provide you with a means to an end in the way you consider
the mysterious nature of endings.

The End is Nigh is the second part of a triliogy concieved by Matthew Reynolds

From New York City, a European premiere

last words

by and with Roy Doliner
featuring Eddie Zengeni

A comedy of Biblical proportions (about mortality, of all things!) by award-winning playwright and bestselling author Roy Doliner sharing the stage with popular singer-performer Eddie Zengeni of Hot Rocks fame. We won't give away the plot here, but some of the rave revues from US performances will give you the idea:

"Thou shalt laugh!... A wickedly droll spoof that depicts what really went on between G-d and Moses on top of Mount Sinai, LAST WORDS is an unqualified gem... the barbs fly fast and furious... Doliner has taken a theology class and put it on stage in a highly entertaining fashion without diluting its message...
what is actually a faithful update of the book of Exodus becomes a wildly hysterical romp! Original comedy this sharp doesn't come around all that often.
Somebody say Amen!"

- XS Magazine

"G-d and Moses do a vaudeville turn!... uninhibited, anything-goes-for-a-laugh!" -The Sun Sentinel

"Fascinating... Amazingly clever, fast-paced repartee!" - Eastsider

"Delightful set of musical comedy…wonderfully twisted…
Tara Flynn had her audience in stitches...well worth seeing"
 - ThreeWeeks


Tara Flynn makes a
Big Noise
in Rome with her varied characters, parodies, chats
alongside her very own original comedy songs
all with a twisted spin. 

"...jarringly surreal and inventively silly.
It'the Boosh-like oddity that clinches it." 
Andrew Collins

"Funny songs but the sub-text and performance style reveal a vulnerability and open-approach to life that elevates (her) work and makes (it) as valid as so-called regular songs.
Smart, funny and a real treat!"
 - Lach

"Well written and funny¦ ...very entertaining" -Australian Comedy Review

"Impossible to dislike" -Glasgow Herald

"...refreshingly testosterone-free comedy zone that still has balls..." 
-The Stage

"You could listen to the lovely Ms Flynn all night" -Chortle

See Tara Flynn from the film "The fog". Click here


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