veiled statue


A ruined statue found in a moldy cardboard box.
Three years of arduous restoration reveal a terra cotta Madonna - an unknown masterpiece of the Renaissance. But who is the creator of this Madonna, so beautiful and mysterious?
The experts are divided, opinions clash.... there is a new enigma in the history of Art.

Who better to solve this puzzle than the man who revealed to the world the hidden messages of Michelangelo in The Sistine Secrets, and who explained the secrets of Michelangelo Merisi in Caravaggio: a light in the shadows?
Roy Doliner makes an intellectual wager: can a 2,000 year old Jewish technique of deduction solve a mystery of a Christian artwork from 500 years ago?

Roy Doliner

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Piazza MONTEVECCHIO 5, near piazza Navona

Annual Free Writing Performing Workshop

Once selected, One  works with Matthew Reynolds and Molly Zimmerman to devise original monologues.
This year the theme is ENDINGS.
They will be auditioning folk with theatre games and  by asking them to tell a story of a closure. This doesn't have to be a real life story nor a fully polished script yet give an idea of what you'd like to work on.

with the kind support of John Cabot University
Ford Entertainment presents

from the Lower East Side, NYC to Trastevere, Rome


"David Mandelbaum's performance in Yosl Rakover Speaks To G-d will change your life. The most brilliant actor of the decade. Don't miss this once in a lifetime event." - Jerry Stiller

Adapted for the stage and performed
by David Mandelbaum

Directed by Amy Coleman

Amongst the ruins of the ghetto of Warsaw, burried beneath heaps of charred rubbish, there was found, packed tightly into a small bottle, the following testament, written during the ghetto's last hours by a Jew named Yosl Rakover.

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John Cabot University, via Lungara 233

Yosl Rakover Speaks to G-d is a deeply moving and compelling piece of Yiddish theater rarely often seen on the stages of Rome. We invite you to take an hour to change your life. Profits of this event will be donated to further the cause of Italy Reads.

For twenty years the story of Yosl Rakover was believed to be an eyewitness account of the ghetto's last hours, and the true story of a pious Jew whose fate it was to die fighting the beasts that destroyed his world. In the hours before his death he reconsiders his relationship with G-d and concludes that although his relationship with G-d has changed, his faith in Him remains, and his love for Him burns as strongly as ever.
The story was actually written in 1946, by Zvi Kolitz, a young Palestinian who as a delegate to the World Zionist Congress traveled extensively to speak on behalf of the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine. His clandestine purpose was to recruit fighters for the Irgun, of which he was a member. While in Argentina, he was asked to write an article for a Yiddish paper in Buenas Aires for their special Yom kippur edition. The result was Yosl Rakover Speaks to G-d. Through a set of bizzare circumstances the story was republished in an Israeli Yiddish journal without his name on it, and was assumed to be real. It has since been recognized as one of the classics of Holocaust literature, been translated into many languages, and been the subject of essays by theologians and philosophers.
Adapted for the stage and performed by David Mandelbaum, it makes for powerful and propelling theater.

“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.” - Thornton Wilder

With the kind support of John Cabot University,
Ford Entertainment presents the 1938 Pulitzer prized play:

by Thornton Wilder

Directed by Louise Vinciguerra

Stage Managed by Laura Estall

Lights by Kimie Muroya

Alejandro Bellon, Laurence Belgrave, Anna Butterworth, Gabrielle Chiararo, Don Carroll, George Bill Guion, Karen Herschell, Rosie Hillsley, Jacob Holder, Robert Huffaker, Ann Joyce, Katie McGovern, Mikito Muroya, John Penate, Romolo Tassone.

see review
The Italian Insider, Oct 15,2010

The amateur permission for this event has been granted through Alan Brodie Representation Ltd., London


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