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The English Theatre's seasonal presentation of a woman playwright

What do a diva suitemate,
a young lover with prescient dreams,
a landlord's drunken nephew,
and a baseball player, 25 and retired, all have in common?

A World Premiere

written and directed by Patricia Gaborik
assistant direction by Louise Vinciguerra

Jason Atkinson, Ruairidh Beaumont, Laurence Belgrave,
Maggie Corbett, Maddie D'Arcangelo, Marsha De Salvatore,
Francesca Romana Garroni, Jim McManus, Benjamin Stender,
Stephanie Tyrrell, Nicola Williams.

Six short plays where the hijinks and heartaches of moving in (and out!) make us wonder if learning to live with others also means learning to live with ourselves. The perfect show for ex-pats and Italians alike: those just arrived, those vowing daily to leave, and those eternally seeking the perfect home.

About the Author: Patricia Gaborik is a theatre historian and playwright. Patricia was a contributing writer for the English Theatre of Rome's production of WOW last season. Originally from Wisconsin, she has been in Rome since holding a postdoctoral fellowship at the American Academy in 2005-06 and is currently teaching Shakespeare and Italian literature at the Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici.

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An Annual Free Event to Thank You Theatre goers
for your interest in new writing.
a NO COST presentation and discussion of Roy Doliner's new Book

Roy Doliner, co-author of the international bestseller The Sistine Secrets, now reveals the secrets of the “Rebel of Art” - Caravaggio.
This book was commissioned to coincide with the historic exhibition at the Scuderie del Quirinale. To celebrate the book’s English edition, there will be a special free talk and signing by the author in person at Teatro L’Arciliuto, in the same area where Caravaggio worked and lived - and got into trouble. You will have a chance to hear first-hand some of his shocking secrets, and to buy some of the very first English-language copies of the book in Italy - in fact, in the world!

“Evocative... a new and surprising explanation of the work of Caravaggio... A HIGHLY-CHARGED, SHARP-WITTED BOOK!” Professor Claudio Strinati

About the Author: You may remember Roy as Atticus Finch and his dramaturgy work done on MOCKINGBIRD this past Fall. Roy is best known for his New York Times best-selling non-fiction historical work, The Sistine Secrets (HarperOne, publishers), coming out so far in over 25 countries and 16 languages. His background, however, is as a dramatist, with several Off-Broadway and regional productions to his credit, as well as productions here in Rome. When he lived in NYC, he was the dramaturg / resident playwright for the Interborough Repertory Theater. He has been listed on more than one occasion in Who's Who in the Theater (USA), and been honored by the FEAT and Chutzpah Fest stagewriting competitions.

Edinburgh Fringe Festivals 2008 Three Weeks Editors Award, 2009 Brighton’s Latest Magazine’s Star of the Festival Award

Lynn Miller

a cabaret of sorts

Brighton’s favorite golden aged Burlesque ballerina, Lynn Ruth Miller, now 76 years old, is back with 90 minutes of outrageous parodies that reveal the real joy of aging. Don’t miss this nightly travesty of song and dance featuring the festival show stealer for the past three Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, winner of the 2008 Three Weeks Editors Award and 2009 Brighton’s Latest Magazine’s Star of the Festival Award. This is musical comedy at its worst proving that even though your body parts drop to your ankles, they still can move with enough zest to raise an eyebrow if nothing else.

Lynn Ruth Miller had been remodeling facts since Eve ate fruit. Once she began presenting her prevarications to an audience larger than her four dogs, she hit the headlines in Edinburgh in August 2005 because she jumped out of a cake (almost) and removed her clothes (not quite) on every stage that would have her. Her fame spread when she threw her underwear at the audience at the Carleton Hotel that same year.
In 2006, she stole every show by wrapping her eager fans in spandex and putting wigs on needy bald pates. In 2008, her antics hit the headlines of The London Times and in 2009 her cabaret won the Star of Brighton Award at the Brighton Festival and she brought Wandering Minerva to Edinburgh to show that old age still has plenty of spunk.Now she is back again with another off-key cabaret show that glorifies old age and revels in the disasters it brings to the human form. else.

“Lynn Ruth Miller is a true original, a unique and vivacious artist - writer, raconteur, singer, burlesque performer, satirist and comic. She appeared several times at the Midnight Carousel, and never failed to bring the house down. She is inspiration.”
Mark Mc Innes

“Lynn Ruth Miller doesn't hold back. If you've ever looked ahead and wondered what's it going to be like, you're about to get all your questions answered. Lynn Ruth will have you bent in half with her brutally honest observations. Fresh, revealing, and with brilliant comedic timing, Lynn Ruth Miller will entertain you in"
Ty McKenzie, Producer, Chick Wit

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