The English Theatre of Rome presents
Alexis Dubus

Alexis Dubus

Alexis Dubus' debut solo show, recently a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe 2008, where many shows contained swearing at the Festival, but only one that went into detail about our wonderful 4-letter friends. "A R#ddy Brief History of Swearing" is one man's attempt to discover why a handful of words in the English language still have the power to shock, offend and amuse in equal measure.
Alexis uncovers the science of swearing, the ancestry of all your favourite swears, and why we do it in the first place.
As informative as it is funny, packed with facts, fables, funnies and other words beginning with F, you're guaranteed a r#ddy good time.

“A good line in effervescent banter and one-liners… a solid stock of material with perfect timing, particularly articulate with topical observational humour… an intelligent and well-delivered set.” - Vivienne Arkley, Paramount Comedy

"As informative as it is funny. We crash through a huge amount of gags and information, and the hour whips by. If you don’t enjoy this show you’re a f%&$"ng c*+ì sucker."- **** Steve Bennett, Chortle

“Works a room brilliantly - watch him cater for every demographic.” - London Lite

a bilingual concert
An Italian heart for American Music
A musical performance in English and Italian which explores the evolution of popular and theatrical music between two continents in the last century.

Massimo Topo, Daniela Romacker,
Mario Cavaceppi, Enzo and Giovanni Samaritani

on a melodious voyage from Italy to America through the world wars up to today alongside the musical development and influence of American music in Europe and European music in America.

Enzo's grandfather emigrated to America arriving at Ellis Island May 12, 1902 on the ship "Caramania". His mother was born in Pittsburgh October 1, 1905. The family returned to Italy in the summer of 1908.

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