in collaboration with Titania Produzioni and Cinema Teatro Farnese

A Bilingual Premiere
900 900
Alessandro Baricco

A trans-atlantic journey
through music and the comical, poignant story
of the world's
greatest jazz pianist

directed by Nestor Said
featuring: DJ Set
Sound Design by
Antonello Aprea with Brent St.clair

World Premiere
con il patrocinio del Comune di Roma, Assessorato alle politiche culturali
Broad Cloth Trilogy part one and two*
featuring contemporary women dramatists and performers
celebrates comedy with brand new wacky monologues

Broad Cloth Trilogy

directed by Dyanne White
Terianne Falcone, Gaby Ford, Evelyn Garcia, Mara Lathrop,
Susan McCully, Lillian Santos, & Dyanne White
Chrissie Boyle, Terianne Falcone, Gaby Ford, Mandy Moore, Melissa Palleschi, Parysa Pourmoneshi, Lynn Swanson & Dyanne White.

From Venice beach, European Premiere Broad Humor Film Festival
created by Susan diRend
features 21 fims and shorts
written, directed and produced by women.

* According to the web, a "broad" is defined as "a women who packs a mean punch"
Broad Humor is for women who pack a mean punch line.

"...cutting, funny and hits just the right spot" - Wanted in Rome, 4/07

"in the heart of Rome a theatre with passion" -Riccardo Faiella,, 3/07

"recomended intelligent comedy for both men and women"-Meneka Thiru, The Roman Forum, 4/07


con il patrocinio del Comune di Roma, Assessorato alle politiche culturali
from New York City
one woman show with the Bar Maltico quintet
Flaming Amy

Amy Coleman

reveals the rocky and rolling adventures
and the blue side of being a woman with flaming red hair.

“Amy Coleman is a revelation from her glamorous red hair to her elegant
aquiline nose to her wry comic timing, to her astounding voice, which touches
like Janis Joplin but has far more range and control.
Follow this woman to any venue you can.”
The Village Voice