Terianne Falcone appeared on American national television in Law & Order, Saturday Night Live, Criminal Intent, various independent films, voice-over and radio. In New York, she appeared weekly with Chicks with Shticks at Caroline's on Broadway and performed her highly acclaimed one-woman show all over Manhattan. In Massachusetts, she co-founded the controversial but hilarious all-female Sleeveless Theatre. Terianne has taught and led workshops all over the East Coast and now in Italy. The English Theatre of Rome has produced her show, 'Good Grief' which she hopes to translate into Italian to perform for the native population .She also continues to develop her two-person bilingual show with Claudio "Greg" Gregori. She uses her improvisational technique to teach actors, singers, musicians, writers and artists the art of creating and performing characters, scenes, songs and monologues.

Note from The Author/Performer: In the first acting class I ever took with Deborah Lubar, at Smith College, we were given an assignment. We were to find a news story and come to class prepared to tell the story from the point of view of someone mentioned in the article. It was during the Reagan years when companies were leaving the U.S. en masse in search of cheaper labor. Madge York was a 62 year old woman who had been working at the factory profiled in the article since she was 12 years old. She was making $6.42 an hour when she got laid off. I created a scene where she is ironing and breaking the news to her out-of-work husband. I have never read a newspaper the same way after that. I no longer see headlines but people.
“Mother” is based on an article I read about a woman who had committed a crime. The article mentioned that for the past twenty years she heard a baby crying despite the super’s insistence that there was no baby in the building. I couldn’t stop thinking about this woman and so I started writing.
The other pieces are based on people I have met. In some, I have taken a good deal of dramatic license and in others the inventions were unnecessary. Mona came to see my apartment when I was looking for a new roommate. I went to a slumber party where someone inadvertently and inappropriately mentioned someone’s recently deceased husband. A limo driver once told me about his late wife, his new wife and the story of a Japanese major during WWII. Bruna is based on the super of the building where I live. The spirits of very interesting, very ordinary individuals inspired these stories. Everyone has a story to tell and these are just a few. Thank you for being here, Terianne Falcone.