as an actor, teacher and director he comes from an eclectic background. He obtained his degree at the "Ecole internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq" in Paris and blends his training with also a strong Russian technique, which he obtained by working with The National Moscow Theatre. Some of his favorite experiences have been working with the Russian Petru Vutcarau, in Torino, with Sthephan Mir and Btissam Alraami in Paris, and with Riccardo Tortora, Nick Nocivelli, Umberto Francia amoung others in Italy. He has collaborated with FOX productions with the show "From Hell". This performance marks his fist experience with "ìThe English theatre of Rome". Film work include scene with M.Andrei in "Mater Natura" and with Manfredi, in "La notte di Pasquino", and with Tornatore with the commercial for "EnelSi". In addition to teaching in Paris, Torino, l'Aquila, in Rome at the Accademia Nazionale Pietro Sharoff, l'Arte del Teatro and Teatro Ricerca, he has worked as an Image consultant for managers of TIM, His Direction include "Il regno di Munam", "Carle", and "la Fontaine" (fairy tales for adults to be accompanied with children), which he also adapted for the stage. Currently he is in preparation for his next acting role with M. DeMicheli in "I Gemelli".