considers herself fortunate to have been able to travel throughout India, Africa, Europe and the USA on more than 2-dozen film sets. She draws inspiration from having worked with professionals such as Jose Ferrer, Otto Preminger, Martin Scorsese, Willim Defoe, Alvin Ailey and Shelly Winters. Her numerous portrayals of the quintessential spinster tourist (”maldestera, malvestita, e/o maleducata”) has given her the opportunity to work with Italian comedians such as Paolo Villaggio, Enrico Montesano, Renato Pozzetto, Pino Quartullo, Sabrina Ferilli and Milena Vikotic. Since starting the company, Gaby has produced 32 full-length plays, (11 of which have been bilingual productions), 15 one acts, 43 “ten minute” comedies, and 20 original monologues. Gaby is grateful for the enthusiasm that the international community has given the theatre and considers herself fortunate to have recieved the award in 2004 for outstanding cultural contribution by the American International Club, Rome.

A Gaby Ford Portfolio