Luca de Bei, Italian playwright and actor, was the first writer to grace our stage way back during our very early years. As part of the American Allegories Trilogy, Luca both wrote and performed The Way You Were, written expressly for the English Theatre of Rome. He has since become very successful producing in Italian theatres, winning numerous prestigious awards. Some of his shows include La luce del giorno e della sera, Caldo come il ghiaccio, Questo sogno, La spiaggia, I cani davanti alla lepre (translated in English at the National Theatre in London by Ursula Rani Sarma - The famous author of Blue) and Cacciatori nella neve.
In 1994, he represented Italy at the European Marathon of Creating Theatre, in Bruxelles, with his play Un cielo senza nuvole. In 1996, he participated in the New York Festival of Theatre and Film with his play Caldo come il ghiaccio, for which he was also a finalist at the Premio IDI.
In 2001, he won the Premio Flaiano Award for his world premiere entitled Tutto il resto del mondo. For the big screen he has written La prima volta, produced by Antonio and Pupi Avati. Luca also moonlights as a TV writer. In 2002, he won the European prize for dramaturgy at the Festival in Heidelberg, Germany. He then wrote and directed A Simple Heart by Flaubert, produced by the Teatro Eliseo di Roma which was a big success, performed by Maria Paiato. Last summer, he wrote and put on stage A Place I've Never Been, based on the short novels by David Leavitt.
His next project will be in Rome in December, when he produces his play Le mattine dieci alle quattro, which was a finalist at the Premio Enrico Maria Salerno in 2007 and a finalist at the Premio Riccione for theatre in 2009.
In November, the movie Ce n'è per tutti, adapted by Luca from his play of the same name, will be released under the direction of Luciano Melchionna. Luca's fine example encourages the English Theatre to continue nurturing young artists.