was born in the banner year 1975. After 12 months of living in Nepal, and a mainly Roman upbringing, he acted for the first time at the age of five in a TV series. In ‘94, he moved to London to attend the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts which he gratefully escaped three months prior to graduation. He comes to this company after working at Shakespeare’s Globe and London’s Chantecleer as well as important Roman theatres such as Teatro del Roma, Teatro Greco, SNIA Viscosa. he starred in our production of "Sex, Lies and Pinocchio" directed by Massimo Piesco at the Fontanone Estate and He also has worked in several international films. His directorial debut with our bilingual production of David Ives’ play Universal language in the bilingual production entitled "Unamunda" (2001) which won him participation in the Italian Cremona Theatre Festival. Aureliano more recently has returned alive from iraq being the unique survivor of his documentary team that was not blown to bits. He has recently published about this experience called “venti sigarette a nassirya”, available now in many Italian book stores.