Scots-Italian actor Al Mariotti was ushered into the world of entertainment at an early age. Encouraged by his mother a Professional Ballet Dancer, Al started performing in various local theatre productions throughout Africa and Europe whilst travelling with his parents. At 18 years old, he furthered his passion for theatre by starting up a props & costumes company, designing and supplying various film and theatre productions around Glasgow. After two years, Al took a break from theatre and acting in order to study film and television at Glasgow. It was during his time that he found relative success through a short film project, written and produced by himself and best friend Andrew Wallace. It gained the interest of famed Braveheart actor John Murtagh who succeeded in bringing the project to the attention of media and industry professionals interested in producing the film as a full length feature. After graduating, Al returned to acting with a successful run at Glasgow theatres playing Marc Anthony in Shakespeare’s “Julius Ceasar”. Following roles in productions of “The little shop of Horrors”, “Grease” and “The Gorbals story”, he moved to Rome and has since worked and appeared on American television shows such as “The Today show with Katie Couric”, “Good Morning America with Dianne Sawyer”, “Growing up Gotti”, “Empire”, “Travel sick” and “NBC’s Replay”. Al currently lives in Rome working as an actor and stuntman.