Parysa Pourmoneshi, is from Los Angeles and has been living in Rome since 1997. While on a singing scholarship, heading towards opera, she decided to take an acting workshop with her mentor, Lin White of Los Angeles Music Theatre Company. The workshop was to help opera singers be better actors, and Parysa soon realized that her passion had shifted to acting. She studied acting with Roy London and Ivana Moore. Some of her favorite musical roles include, Maria in West Side Story and Marsinah in Kismet. She has worked with the English Theatre of Rome for 15 years and has had the privilege to work with some great directors on Dinner with Friends, Unidentified Human Remains and Nightfall.
She was also a member of the Miracle Players in Rome for four years. She would like to thank her husband, Fabrizio and her 7 year old daughter, Niloufar for being so patient (she frequently looked out blankly into space with an occasional "huh?"), understanding (she stopped buying the groceries) and supportive ("Mommy do you want some chocolate?").

Note from the Director: When I was approached by Gaby to direct this project, my immediate reaction was to decline (in fact, I said "No thanks!" twice). Previously I had worked as a performer alongside Terianne and admired her talent as a writer and performer so I tried to imagine the difficulties that could arise working with the writer/actress of the piece as I mulled over the idea. I knew the show had been originally created in a workshop with directors who had guided Terianne into bringing these characters out through improvisation and I thought "what am I going to bring to this show that Terianne hasn't already done in the past", and "what kind of satisfaction could I possibly get as a director making my debut without much space for my directorial voice". I don't know why I agreed to take on the project, but I think it was right after Gaby told me that it was Terianne herself who had asked for me and to my delightful surprise and relief, her professionalism, generosity and trust proved to reach beyond what I had dreamed of as we, together, brought to life these profound, complex, funny, awkward and interesting characters. Even when I had tried to foresee possible problems, I never thought directing would be soooooo difficult, having to orchestrate everything. And I mean everything (the drawings on the sidewalk... Claire and I got down on our knees and we went nuts doing children's chalk drawings) from words to music to aesthetics proved to be a challenge and a great responsibility but one worth experiencing at least once. Even if I may just stick to acting in the future, I hope you enjoy this labor of love.

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